Eagle Waterproofing

methods & process

W/C & Bathroom: If Bathroom or W/C has Leakage, it is checked, after that hole is made with a drill machine. One or more holes are made if necessary. A plastic nozzle is fixed in the hole and is joined to the pressure grouting machine. Then mixture of cement & polymer chemical is put with a certain pressure under. So the empty space under the tiles is filled permanently and results in stoppage of leakage.
This is the modern technique of waterproofing. There is no need of any physical alteration. You will be surprised not to see any sign of repairing.

Terrace: If there is leakage in terrace of bunglow or buildings, if necessary pressure grouting is done and then the terrace is cleaned and washed with a wire brush and water. Small cracks are filled with chemicals and coating of white chemical is made. This process is an additional benifit of heat insulation.

Wall: If the walls are wet then they are cleaned with wire brush. Cracks are also brushed. If the crack is bigger than chemical is inserted in it with the help of a gun. For small cracks, chemical is applied with a brush. So that the wall be comes waterproof.

Brick Bet Coba: If the previous koba of the terrace is damaged, then it need only B.B.K. For this sand cement, bricks and water proofing chemicals are required.

Water Tank: For RCC water tank we generally use Epoxy Coating & for without RCC water tank we do civil work with waterproofing compound. We offer Tank Leakage Repairing Services to our valuable customers in accordance with their variegated requirements. These services are availed in homes, industries and factories among others. We have appointed highly skilled & experienced professionals to render these services and make use of most advanced of tools to execute our repairing services. Provided as per the needs and specifications of clients, these services are highly popular in the market.

If you have any problem regarding waterproofing then please contact us immediately for consultation. We manufacture ferocrate water tanks with guarantee.