Eagle Waterproofing

our diligent team

We provide excellent knowledgeable staff and having 20 Year of Experience in waterproofing works at Pune and Mumbai Locations, .
The 30+ professionals working for us are backed by years of experience in waterproofing field. Company will provide him time to time training and new techniques in waterproofing sector, our staff and expert team was raised the voice of Eagle waterproofing form past 25 Years in Pune and Mumbai all Prime terratories. Our complete workforce includes the following members:

Improving the health of your homes is and extends the life of homes our aim is leakageless homes.

> Waterproofing technician
> Terrace Leakage specialist
> Wall Leakage specialist
> Water tank Leakage specialist &
> WC bathroom SLeakage Specialist
> Helping Labor

Working on Heritage and old structures is not same as working on new structures; it's an Art requiring to understand the structure and its unique characteristics, creating Innovative waterproofing solutions to solve the specific crack leakage and Air gaps in Cement Construction and Brick bat koba. We are not only solves issues with existing structures but also works on strengthening the old structures, increasing its load bearing capacity and making existing structures earthquake proof. Eagle has capabilities to execute projects from design to completion. Eagle delivers artistic structures with unmatched quality using innovation and waterproofing to deliver in the lowest cost possible in the shortest time.